Mason County should take great pride in the fact that within its limits in the town of Washington were more newspapers established in the early period of Kentucky’s history than in any other town in the state with the sole exception of Lexington.  “The Mirror” was published in 1797, followed by the “Western Messenger” in 1803 and the “Republican Auxiliary” in 1806.   The “Dove” was published from 1808 until 1814.  David V. Ronnels was editor of the “Union” published from 1814 until 1824.

 From a copy of the “Union” published at Washington June 11, 1823, the following items are taken: “David V. Ronnel’s Female academy established 1813.” “Transylvania University in Lexington has now opened a Medical Department and Dr. drake, of Cincinnati, has been engaged to teach medicine.” “Negro woman, two boys and six girls belonging to the heirs of Paul Overfield.  The sale will be held at the home of James Best.”

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