Arthur Fox

Arthur Fox, Sr. was born In England, on February 27, 1764.    He came to Kentucky from Virginia In  1780,  and first settled In Fayette county. (Mason County was not formed from Fayette county until 1786)


Washington was chartered by the Virginia legislature in 1786 and laid out by Arthur Fox Sr. and the Baptist minister William Wood, on part of 1,000 acres purchased from Simon Kenton. It is the first town west of the Appalachian Mountains named for George Washington. The original trustees were Daniel Boone, Edmund Byne, Miles Withers Conway, Arthur Fox, John Gutridge, William Lamb, Henry Lee, Robert Rankin, and Edward Waller.

He was the first representative from Kentucky ln the Virginia Legislature from Mason. (then Bourbon County, Virginia).       He was a cousin of Charles James Fox the eminent English statesman, was a son of Sir Henry Fox.    His mother was a daughter of Lord Baller.

Arthur Fox. Sr, was married to Mary Young, a daughter of Thomas Young of  Virginia.     To them were born four children two sons, Arthur Fox, Jr. and Richard Fox. and three daughters.    Arthur Fox, Sr. was Deputy Sheriff of Fayette County Kentucky <then Virginia) and was a surveyor.                      About 1782 Mr. Fox moved from Lexington to Washington, KY, where he at once entered upon the work of surveying and preempting land for himself.    Arthur Fox died at Washington, Ky.,  on  April  11, 1794, and was burled In the old Baptist cemetery there.         His modest grave ls simply marked by a gray and weather-beaten marble slab, and although burled long ago, his grave and tombstone are well preserved and stand on a beautiful bluegrass eminence in the old Ivy-grown cemetery.

Arthur Fox at the Washington Baptist Church Cemetery in Washington, Kentucky.

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