Cedar Hill

”Cedar Hill” with its scores of cedars and a surrounding a four-acre lawn. Cedar Hill was built in 1807 by Governor John Chambers who served with General William Henry Harrison and was a two-term U. S. Congressman. Generals Harrison and U.S. Grant visited here, as well as the Marquis de Lafayette, Henry Clay, and John J. Crittenden. Chambers married Margaret Taylor, sister of prosperous attorney and Mason County Clerk of the Court Francis Taylor. After her death, Chambers married Taylor’s other sister, Hannah in 1807. Chambers was appointed Territorial Governor of Iowa 1841-1845.

It was bought about 18!2 by Colonel Lucien Goggin of Virginia and in 1936 was owned by his descendants, the Maltbys. Lucien Goggin Malthy had the place restored in 1906. In 2020 it is owned by Rick Huber and remains a most attractive and historic home. Private Residence