1825 FIRE

Washington, on the 30th of April, 1825, received one of the most destructive blows in her young and prosperous life. Said the Maysville Eagle: “On Saturday last, about one o’clock, our neighbors of Washington were visited by FIRE, which proved, in its progress, one of the most destructive and alarming, with which this section of the country has ever been inflicted. The fire originated in the stone Tavern of Col. Key, occupied by Mr. Hord, whence it wa.s communicated to the extensive cluster of buildings owned by Messrs. Craig’s and occupied by Mr. Artus as a Tavern, all of which together with the stables, out-houses, &c, were consumed. More than 20 buildings were at one period or another, during the continuance of the conflagration, on fire, but owing to the vigilance of persons who had repaired to the spot, they were extinguished without material injury. We h-;i.ve not been able to ascertain the amount of losses sustained ; but presume, that in building, household furniture, merchandise, &c. it cannot fall short of 20,000 dollars. The principal suffers from this truly afflictive dispensation, are-Messrs. Key, Craigs, Hord, Lee, and Lashbrook, and Taliaferro.”2

A messenger left Washington for Maysville to bring the fire department of that town. In fifty-two minutes from the time he left Washington, the fire engine and citizens attending it were at work on the fire.

Excerpted from page 160 of G. Glenn Clift History of Maysville and Mason County Ky