Burley Tobacco phases of production

Old style plant production

Alternative ways to kill weed seed in Tobacco bes

Burning a bed with wood to kill weeds
Steam or Gas beds to kill weeds
Plant Bed
Pulling Plants to Transplant

Newer method of of plant production

Tobacco transplant Green House
Water float plants from Green House

Transplanting Alternatives

One row transplanter
3 row transplanter

Cultivating Tobacco

Tobacco ready to cut
Tobacco Knife and Spear
Cutting Tobacco
Tobacco Stalks cut and placed 6 per stick
Putting Sticks of Tobacco on to Wagon to haul to barn
Full Tobacco Wagon read to be hauled to barn
Hanging Sticks of Tobacco in barn
Sticks of Tobacco hanging in barn
Stripping stalks of tobacco
Standard for a Bale

Stripped tobacco can be moved to market in hands or bales

Building a Basket from Stick Tobacco
Building a Basket from Stick Tobacco

Basket used for Hand Tied Burley Tobacco on Auction Floor
Hand Tied Burley Tobacco Auction Floor
Tobacco Auction in hand tied era

Tobacco Company Processes

Tobacco stored 2 years after redrying

Interior shots of Parker Tobacco – Maysville Plant – nkyviews.com

Burley Tobacco Oral History Project | Pass the Word

Family Farms of Kentucky: Burley Tobacco Oral History Project .

Parker Tobacco Company – Abandoned – Abandoned Building …